In July 2017, John McAfee said he would sell bitcoin to paypal usd if Bitcoin doesn't hit $500,000 inside three years. Today, BTC is drifting at a simple $9,130 and its cost must increment by over 5,376% to meet McAfee's forecast.

When all is said in done, Bitcoin obviously wasted time close $500,000 in the previous three years. That, yet McAfee is additionally apparently backtracking from his $1 million for each BTC expectation.

A year ago, McAfee said he is sure Bitcoin goes to $1 million. He said antagonism around the cryptographic money advertise was exaggerated, particularly considering Bitcoin was in the mid-$10,000s.

Be that as it may, on July 19, 2020, McAfee stated:

Not going to receive in return. I never trusted Bitcoin would hit $1 mil. It's crazy. It's an old, drained, useless coin. I simply needed to eat my dick on TV. Sit tight for it.

Max Keiser, the host of The Keiser Report and Bitcoin speculator, wryly said McAfee should now be recuperating at the medical clinic subsequent to respecting the wager.

"John McAfee regarded his wager, made three years back, to gnaw off his dick if Bitcoin to paypal transfer wasn't at $500,000 GOOD NEWS: He's finding real success at the medical clinic and expected to make a full recuperation," Keiser said.

Obviously, McAfee's reputation shows that his forecasts ought to be thought about while taking other factors into consideration. For example, his witty U.S. Presidential crusade presently has all the earmarks of being idle. At that point in May 2020, McAfee scrutinized his own value forecast, leaving many confounded.